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We have the latest machinery for manufacturing of knitted garments.

Quality Audit

We have a very professional system in place for testing our fabric & trims before we start using the same. Also, we have full time quality auditors who verify from cut panels to finished garments. Every stage from PP sample, size set, pilot & final inspection is documented.

Our Team

We have a strong & long standing team in our organisation who is highly capable of taking care of their department.


Our modern knitting machines produce 8 tons per day flawless fabrics which undergo stringent quality inspection prior to further processing.

Machinery : Single Jersey (4 Tracks), Unitex

Fleece and Rib - Unitex, Orizio, Vignoni, Feeders and Auto Stripers, Jacquard, Interlock - Orizio, Italy & Torat.

Processing & Finishing

Our state-of-the-art dyeing facilities are capable of accurate colour matching from batch to batch, thus guaranteeing consistency while executing orders. Each dyed batch is carefully monitored and tested for color fastness, both wet and dry analysis.


We have the latest version of Tubetex Compacting Machines to fulfill all our compacting requirements to control the shrinkage of the fabric very effectively.


'Lily Labels' is India's first Oeko-Tex Cerified an Tirupur's first label manufacturing unit. We possess that latest 12 color, fully computerized label machinery which will ensure that the quality of labels will equal to that of our garments.


Poppys Tapes manufactures a wide range of plain, frill and multicolor elastic tapes in a variety of designs and colours.



Poppys Plastics produce a wide range of polypropylene and polyethylenu poly bags with multicolored printing, plastic trays and containers to meet your exact requirements.


Poppys Packs produce all types of corrugated cartons and boxes in accodance with international standards and buyer's requirements, thus ensuring the safety of your garments.